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spacecrafts offers total home interiors solutions for your Apartment or Villa home. We have crafted several elegant interior designs for all the different living spaces in your home, including living, family, kitchen & dining, studies, bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, utilities and other spaces. At present we offer ready to deliver Interiors Solutions for Adarsh Palm Retreat Condominiums & Villas, Prestige ShantiNiketan Apartments, and Chaitanya La Grove Villas. Interiors Solutions for Prestige White Meadows and Sobha HabiTech are under development. Please contact us if you would like us to consider your project also as part of this new development or if you would like us to develop a custom solution for your home.

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Prestige ShantiNiketan

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How It Works!

Designs for all the identified projects are on display in our Solutions Gallery. These designs give you a real perspective of your interiors - how your space would look like, how much seating and storage space it offers, what materials & finishes are being used to construct, and most importantly how much is the total cost of the interiors. Our solutions are complete in all sense - What You See Is What You Get - including everything from fixed cabinetry, movable furniture, light fixtures, false ceilings, curtains, upholstery, and accessories. When you place an order for your chosen design, we deliver the exact design implemented and installed in 8-10 weeks (except in cases where some of the elements in the chosen look are imported and may take extra time). Our solutions include warranty for one full year, after which we offer Annual Maintenance Service.

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Browse the designs online for your project. Or request a printed brochure. Select the designs you like.

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Place order for your selected designs. Customize color, finishes, materials & functions.

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With in 8-10 weeks we complete sourcing, construction & installation, and deliver your space to you exactly as you have seen in the design.

Browse these designs in our Solutions Gallery and contact us to place order for your selection. Browse our Portfolio of delivered solutions here and verify for yourself our claim of What You See Is What You Get.

Team Crafters

Deepanjana Chandra

lead designer
She conceptualises the elegant designs you see here.
founder and CEO

sandeep rao

Sandeep Rao

lead engineer
He delivers all the elegant designs you see here.
founder and director




See the photos of our delivered solutions here. Click on the icon below and browse the photos in a slideshow mode. Contact us if you would like to order these designs for your home.


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